Do Oriental women have to be Asian or biologically human?


Much has already been written about Blade Runner 2049. Critics have examined the film through the lens of gender (International Policy Digest, Jan. 20 2018) (Collider, Oct. 13, 2017) and the lens of race (The Stranger, Oct. 6 2017) (Vulture, Aug. 4, 2017), with particular focus on how 2049 follows a trend within the science fiction and cyberpunk genres of using Asian cultural symbols but not...

Dear Simon: Who gets to be “Everyone?” Love, Leo.


“I deserve a great love story,” exclaims Simon. That immortalizable line, which forms the basis of the “Love, Simon” marketing slogan “Everyone deserves a great love story,” is the first time Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) internalizes his mother’s affirmations after he comes out. It’s hard to ignore the trailblazing nature of “Love, Simon...