I texted him: "I don't feel like anyone could understand me without knowing more about me than most people do. I usually do not have the time to explain the about-150 years of geopolitical and sociocultural history of the U.S., Europe and Asia and how that impacts me."

Accessibility matters


“Woman sitting in car in the sunlight with a smartphone in her hands” by rawpixel on Unsplash Accessibility is important. But we seem to keep forgetting about it. I am part of the world’s first generation of Internet-first adults. My generation grew up as the Internet developed, and we’ve never known a world without access to so much information. I’m a little older to be a post-Google, post...

The origin story


“Red roses near a green hedge surrounding a house” by Caroline Sleeper on Unsplash They keep asking me for an origin story. Where are you from? What did you do? How did you get here? What do you want from your life? I tell them something because it makes things easier. It makes things good for me in the long run. I might have to talk to them again. I might need them for favours. You were not like...

how many


how many more kids have to die before we begin to say that taking away guns might mean we kill fewer children how many more schools need to have bullet holes before we decide we don’t want another shooting at a school ever again how many of our children have to watch their friends and siblings be killed at the place they learn to grow up before we look at other countries and realise their dying...

Race matters


Photo by tom coe on Unsplash Arrested for sitting down at a Starbucks in Philadephia. Detained for attending a campus tour in Colorado. Gun pointed after he took the Mentos he bought in Southern California. Kicked out of a shopping mall in Chicago. Detained by police for not waving at a woman when leaving an Airbnb property in Southern California. Accused of stealing in St. Louis. These...